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The quest to develop superior batteries for electrifying transport is in full swing.

A recent conference poster by Emina Hadzialic et al. highlights eight EU-funded projects advancing battery technology for automotive (3beLiEVe), aeronautic (MATISSE, SOLIFLY, ORCHESTRA, H2020-IMOTHEP, HECATE), and combined applications (HighSpin, HELENA).

Innovative Concepts

These projects explore:

  • Solid-State Chemistries: Safer, more efficient batteries.
  • Integrated Sensing: Enhanced battery management.
  • Structural Integration: Batteries as part of vehicle structures.

Collaborative Efforts

A diverse consortium drives these projects, including:

  • Research and Academia
  • SMEs and Industrial Companies
  • End Users: Key stakeholders from aeronautics and automotive sectors.

The HighSpin Project is proud to be part of this journey towards sustainable and advanced transportation solutions.

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