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HighSpin project

Delivering High-Voltage Spinel LNMO Silicon-Graphite Cells and Modules for Automotive and Aeronautic Transport Applications

HighSpin is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under GA no. 101069508.

HighSpin aims to develop high-performing, safe and sustainable generation 3b high-voltage spinel LNMO||Si/C material, cells and modules with a short industrialisation pathway and to demonstrate their application for automotive and aeronautic transport applications.

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HighSpin’s objectives are to:

Further develop the LNMO||Si/C cell chemistry compared to the reference 3beLiEVe baseline, extracting its maximum performance.
Develop and manufacture LNMO||Si/C cells fit for automotive and aeronautic applications.
Design and demonstrate battery modules for automotive and aeronautic applications.
Thoroughly assess the LMNO||Si/C HighSpin technology vs. performance, recyclability, cost and TRL.



The Consortium

The HighSpin project consortium combines competences from 14 partners across 8 European countries (7 EU member states and one associated country):


  • 5 research and technology organisations
  • 5 industrial companies
  • 4 small- and medium-sized enterprises.


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