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We are excited to share the story behind the design of the HighSpin logo!

Our logo is not just a visual identifier, but a representation of our mission and values.

The HighSpin logo features the project’s name within a rectangular frame composed of three arrows. These arrows symbolize circularity and sustainability, two core principles of our project.

A closer look at the lettering reveals a unique “LNMO” morphology. This pattern highlights the advanced materials research our team is conducting to develop next-generation Li-ion batteries. These batteries are crucial for the future of electro-mobility.

Additionally, the logo includes icons of a car and an aircraft, symbolizing the main end uses of our project. These icons reflect the significant role that advanced Li-ion batteries will play in the future of transportation, enabling cleaner and more efficient modes of travel.

We are proud to share this logo and its representation of sustainable energy and innovation.

What the Logo Represents

  • Circular Economy: Emphasizing safe and sustainable industrialization.
  • Battery Cells and Modules: Showcasing our focus on cutting-edge battery technology.
  • Aeronautic and Automotive Transport: Representing the impact of our technology on various modes of transport.