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Curious about the future of battery technology in automotive and aviation industries? Let’s dive into the HighSpin project and explore its groundbreaking innovations through this infographic!

1) Materials Development: HighSpin focuses on developing battery cells using LNMO cathodes, Si/C anodes, and high-voltage (HV) electrolytes.

2) 3D Electrode Design: Utilizing a sophisticated 3D electrode design, including multilayer coating and laser structuring, to optimize energy balance and power output.

3) Customized Cell Assembly: These advanced 3D electrodes are assembled into custom cells tailored for use in both cars and planes.

4) Testing and Recycling: Rigorous testing of cells and modules ensures performance reliability. HighSpin also explores innovative recycling methods to recover and reuse valuable materials.

What’s Next?

Currently, HighSpin is iterating on new LNMO and Si/C candidates with optimized HV electrolytes. Expect the first pouch cells featuring these materials by the year’s end.

Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting journey towards advancing battery technology!